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How we work

The Commissioner General of Prisons, the Commissioner of Welfare, the Superintendent of the Welikada Prisons and the Welfare Officers give us all the support required. In fact one welfare officer is officially designated to help us with our work.

The scholarship recipients are selected through applications made by the prisoners through the welfare officer. The association then contacts the child & his/her guardian and scholarships are handed out within the first week of January every year. This event is usually held within the prison premises as it gives an opportunity for the child to interact with his/her inmate parent.

Thereafter a report of the child's progress is requested every year from the principal of the school he/she attends and his/her progress is monitored. The child is also encouraged to write to their sponsor; if the sponsor wishes to establish contact. All communication will however be handled via the association.

In the event that the prisoner is released from prison, the scholarship award terminates. However the association may consider extending it a further year by reviewing the circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

The scholarship award is granted for students from Grade 5 upto Grade 13. If the child enters a program for tertiary education, the association may consider continuing and possibly enhancing the award, again by reviewing the circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

In January of every year the children and their guardians are invited to the prison premises to meet with their inmate parent. The new scholarship awardees are registered with NSB and ongoing scholarship holders return their passbooks for the scholarship to be entered. The children are invited to speak about the effect the scholarship has in their lives and their dreams & hopes for the future and 'star' pupils are awarded prizes. This is mainly to encourage & motivate the children to rise above the challenges they face. A program of entertainment is provided as well as breakfast & lunch. The children leave with a gift of school books & stationery & sometimes toys.

We organize a fund-raiser every year to cover the shortfall in scholarships, our expenses for the January event as well as to create a deposit fund to cover these expenses in the future.