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How to sponsor a child

When you agree to sponsor a child fully, you commit to contributing Rs. 12,000 for a year - this can be done in installments if preferred. You may also sponsor more than one child or you may part sponsor a child.

The sponsor has the option of continuing with the scholarship for subsequent years and (on request), if & when a scholarship terminates as a result of the parent inmate being released. You may sponsor a child on-line through the portal provided or print out a sponsorship form and post it together with a cheque or money-order.

Application Form for Sponsorship of a child of a Prisoner at the
Welikade Prisons, Colombo 9.
I wish to subscribe towards the education of a child/children of a Prisoner/s in the Welikade Prisons.
I understand:
  • That I have to pay Rs 12,000/- each year ( or the equivalent of 100 US$) until the child completes Year 13. However I am under no obligation to continue this scholarship but in case I wish to withdraw I will inform the "Friends of Prisoners Children" so they find another sponsor for the child.

  • I will receive an official receipt for my payments, plus a photograph of the student and a letter from him/her with some details. On some occasions it may be that we have to change the child given to you for reasons: He/she has failed the Year 11 examination, or the father has been released from prison.

  • At the beginning of each year I can expect a letter from my sponsored child, and an evaluation of the student's progress in school from the Principal. Any further contact the sponsor may wish to have is encouraged only through the organization. Cheques must be drawn in favour of "Friends of Prisoners' Children" and crossed A/c Payee

Sponsor Details :

Telephone #

Cheques must be drawn in favour of “Friends of Prisoners’ Children” and crossed A/C Payee.

Or you may deposit direct to our bank

Account details:
Friends of Prisoners' Children
People's Bank
Swift code: PSBKLKLX

Friends of Prisoners' Children,
c/o Sister Dhammi Fernando
133 Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka
Phone: 094 11 2691871