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About us

We started out as Friends of Prisoners children in a small way. It was actually the brainchild of Sr. Immaculate de Alwis & Mrs Priyanthy Dissanayake. They were concerned when prisoners they visited in Welikada expressed their anguish about their children. So, what started as a simple gesture towards 47 children in 2005 is - thanks to the kind support of concerned citizens and donors from overseas - catering for nearly 260 children at the end of 2010.

When we interact with these children we find that more than the money we give them - they value the fact that society supports them - they no longer feel stigmatized as a child of a criminal - they no longer feel that they too are being punished for a crime they did not commit. Their desire to succeed and avoid falling into the circle of criminality is strong. We have had many success stories but the brightest star is one of our first children and she is currently (2010) completing her honours degree at the University of Kelaniya. She is an inspiration to the rest of our children and to us - how a little help can turn a future.

Our patrons:

  • Mrs.Neela Marrikkar
  • Ms.Shiromal Cooray
  • Mr. Sumithra Gunasekera
Our committee:
  • Sr.Immaculate de Alwis (chairperson)
  • Mrs.Magantha Saparamadu (treasurer)
  • Mrs.Florine Cassim Marzook (secretary)
  • Mrs.Priyanthy Dissanayake
  • Mrs.Manel Abeysekera
  • Mr.Lasantha Pieries
  • Ms.Coralie Pietersz
  • Mrs.Shehara Jayawardena
  • Ms.Jani Perera

Our patrons are respected figures in the Sri Lanka business community and are very committed to our cause.
Our small but very dedicated committee members are focused on giving of their best to these 'forgotten children' and avidly look forward to meeting up with them every year.

We are registered as a 'social service organization' as required by the Ministry of Social Welfare - FL-124404